Services are on demand

Services are on demand

1.Civil Litigation
2.Commercial Litigation
3.Landlord & Tenant
4.Family Law
5.Commercial Lobbying

  • Lobbying Export
  • Lobbying Import
  • Lobbying Tender
  • Lobbying Auction & Bid
  • Lobbying Finance

7.Criminal Litigation
8.Social Media and internet Law
9.Immigration and visa services
10.Real Estate

12.Economic Crime
13.ADR/Out of court settlement
14.Will, Transfer of Property
15.Litigation involving the Chinese and Foreign Community
16.Professional Negligence
17.Fraud and White-collar Crimes
18.Legal advices on issues of Anti- Corruption
19.Action against Defamation
20.Protecting Privacy
21.Government Contracting
22.Entertainment and Sports Law

23.Phone hacking
24.Internet Law
25.Intellectual Property Disputes
26.Trademark, Patent, Copyright
27.Business Formation
28.Contract Review and Drafting
29.Employment Law
30.Estate Planning
31.Immigration/work/Settle abroad
32.Mergers and Acquisitions
33.SBLC (Stand By Letter of Credit)

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