Lobbying And The Law

Lobbying And The Law

Lobbying And The Law

Lobbying registration processes are among the most complex in the world and few legal practitioners focus on lobbying law. ZeroPlus-Legal has the most widely-recognized experts in this area. Companies often do not know that in many jurisdictions in the world, you have to register to do business with the government, or that some provincial governments impose fines on lobbyists for unnecessary reporting. We have a good knowledge of the different laws and nuances of enforcement across the world. Some clients outsource their lobbyist registration filings to us and we work with other clients to develop organizational lobbying compliance policies. We facilitate robust training programs to ensure your employees know the rules and the potential consequences of contravention. We conduct compliance audits to identify and address risks associated with lobbying activities. Our experience includes helping clients navigate “revolving-door” post-service limitations, representing former government officials who seek waivers and exemptions and advising governments on lobbying-law reform. Our approach is always to advocate for a more open, transparent, and effective lobbying regime.


Growing companies need legal expertise spanning continents, industries, and practices. ZeroPlus-Legal provides solutions in all areas of law, for almost every industry and sector.


Every venture, transaction, or dispute benefits from legal advice. ZeroPlus-Legal offers a full range of expertise, whether you need help with a specific, narrow issue or a complex matter.


A growing business in a competitive industry can’t just offer new ideas. It must deliver on them. To revolutionize the way we provide legal services, ZeroPlus-Legal is developing technology, building expertise, improving processes, and delivering incredible value as a result.

Innovation is about more than efficiency. It’s about trusting your law firm to consistently offer a variety of proven solutions – not just when you need them, but before you need them.

Client Work

Our success can only be measured by our client’s success. Search for examples of our client work by industry, market, practice area, lawyer, or client and judge for yourself.


Good client service includes sharing expertise with colleagues and clients. Search ZeroPlus-Legal ''Lobbying And The Law" publications, blogs, and webinars for insight on the legal developments that you want to know about.


Our Leadership Team and Partnership Board members drive our Firm’s shared goal of providing exceptional legal services that exceed client expectations.

Membership & Affiliations

Lobbying And The Law of ZeroPlus-Legal are proud to be affiliated with respected organizations worldwide. These relationships enhance our ability to provide first-class client service.

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