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Entertainment and Sports Law

Entertainment and Sports Law

Entertainment and Sports Law

Sports and Entertainment Law is a desirable career path for many aspiring lawyers because it incorporates their love for entertainers and athletes with the practice of law. Not to mention, the fact that famous people are confiding and trusting you to advocate on their behalf. The reality is that this career path incorporates many other areas of law that you might not expect.

Entertainment and Sports Law

If your reputation is tarnished, not only is it humiliating and upsetting but it will also have an impact on your ability to attract sponsorship and lucrative advertising deals. It may also damage your prospects for future earnings once you leave sport.

Alongside traditional media outlets, there has been a huge growth in social media and online publications which means that your reputation could be destroyed in seconds.

ZEROPLUS LMC are acknowledged experts in dealing with defamation, privacy and harassment. Members of the firm have previously acted for the press and worked in the media, so they have a unique insight into how the press operates.

We bring all our experience to bear and act quickly to defend reputations, making use of a powerful array of weapons

Early Action: The quicker we can act, the better the outcome. The best way to protect your reputation and defend yourself from defamation, harassment, or a violation of your privacy is to prevent a story reaching publication in the first place.

This can be achieved through urgently corresponding with the author or publisher prior to publication, failing which we are experienced in applying to the Court for an injunction where appropriate.

Removal: If a damaging story has been published online, we work hard to ensure that it is promptly removed. Where required, we can track down the culprits even if they are anonymous.

After Publication: If a damaging story appears in the printed press or on TV we can insist on an early and fulsome apology or correction, together with payment of appropriate compensation and your legal costs. This is often enough to set the record straight.

Legal Action: We are litigation experts and we have a strong track record of successfully suing in the High Court in relation to damaging publications. Remedies we obtain include undertakings not to repeat an article; an apology; payment of damages and costs and, where appropriate, a statement in open court. In some cases, we obtain an injunction to stop a story being published.

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